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A Quick Message

As always we are committed to the health and safety of our customers. We ask that all customers wear appropriate face coverings upon entering our store, maintain proper social distancing and use hand sanitizer before and after touching products. 

Current Business Hours 

Monday:       9:30-5:30

Tuesday:       9:30-5:30

Wednesday:  9:30-5:30

Thursday:     9:30-5:30

Friday:          9:30-5:30

Saturday:      10:00-4:00

Sunday:         Closed

Vacuum and Sewing Machine Repairs

It is essential you maintain a clean house and working area so we will continue to repair vacuums. As many people in our community are making face coverings we will also continue to repair sewing machines. All machines are thoroughly sanitized with isopropyl alcohol during drop off and pickup.  

Curbside Service

We are offering curbside service, please call or text us at 828-254-0734 and we'll come out to your vehicle. 

Website Orders

You may purchase items from our store online. We have lowered the cost for free shipping to only $10.00. All items are thoroughly sanitized with isopropyl alcohol before being packaged. If you cannot find the item you are looking for on our website please call or text us at 828-254-0734. 

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