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Dare Green-Blue Ombré Home Fragrance Lamp

Dare Green-Blue Ombré Home Fragrance Lamp


Energize your space with a whirlwind of nature-inspired hues, with this mesmerizing Home Fragrance Lamp.

The Dare Green-Blue Ombré Lamp designed by Anthony Gambus is unlike any other. Its round, slightly oblong shape topped by a silvery round cap takes its inspiration from the pomegranate fruit. An eye-catching swirl of ribbons winds around the body, elevating the design and creating a sense of dynamism. Two complementary colors, blue and green, collide and meld in the gorgeous duotone transparent glass.

Embellish your space with this modern expression of artistic energy. Find inspiration in the colors of the sky and the land, with a twist of contemporay sculpture.

Lamp is sold in a set with accessories, which include:
- a wick-burner
- a round silver diffuser cap
- a stopper cap
- a funnel.

Fragrance refills sold separately. ALL OUR HOME FRAGRANCES ARE DYE FREE.

Benefits of choosing Maison Berger:
The Lampe Berger has a unique and patented diffusion system that enables it to act as a room deodorizer, while also diffusing your favorite fragrance. A wonderful air purifier, the French way.

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