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Ice Cube Amber Rose Lamp Gift Set

Ice Cube Amber Rose Lamp Gift Set


A timeless shape and a soft fruity-floral fragrance to go with it... the Ice cube Amber Rose gift set


A touch of sweetness and poetry awaits you with the Amber Rose Ice Cube Lampe Berger Gift Set. In a timeless cube shape dressed in a soft color. Its 250ml Hibiscus Love fragrance invites you to a passionate moment with your senses. Delivering its fruity scents of green apple, its Hibiscus floral and its amber notes settles in softly. For a beautiful floral olfactory moment, full of lightness and cheerfulness. Perfect harmony. 

Lamp sold in a gift pack with accessories: wick-burner, Shiny silver straight diffuser top, stopper, and funnel + 250ml (8.45 ounces) Hibiscus Love home fragrance. 

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