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Set of 2 Fresh linen Car Diffuser Refills

Set of 2 Fresh linen Car Diffuser Refills


A narrow path that leads to a country house. White sheets hanging in the sunshine, stirred by a light breeze. A scent of clean laundry gently pervades your car.


The washing machine has just stopped; your laundry smells sweet and clean. A feeling of well-being takes over you.

The Fresh Linen Car Diffuser Refills bring back happy memories. Eucalyptus, used as the top note, gives off a dynamic and fresh burst. The heart note of lavender reminds us of our grandparents’ time when this flower was used to preserve linen. Added to this is the bottom fruity note of apple.

Thanks to the Fresh Linen Car Diffuser Refills, which can be adapted to our entire range of diffusers, you will feel like your car has been scrubbed from top to bottom!

Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere for a maximum of 12 weeks with this set of two ceramic refills. The sealed holders preserve the olfactory properties of our products. The car diffuser is sold separately.

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