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Set of 2 Orange Cinnamon Car Diffuser Refill

Set of 2 Orange Cinnamon Car Diffuser Refill


The solution to dull journeys. A wish granted, a breath of air from elsewhere to waft over your daily routine.


The peppery and rosy scents of ginger combine with the sweet and tart side of the orange in top notes. The powdered tonka bean brings character to the fragrance, enhanced by the warmth of nutmeg and bewitching cinnamon. In the base notes, tasty vanilla accents and exotic fruity aromas of coconut emerge. 

The more sensual tones are brought by musk. Your route is embellished and allows you to experience a true moment of celebration and greed. 

These Orange Cinnamon Car Diffuser Refills signal the arrival of the winter period but also the end of year festivities. Sold as a set of two scented ceramics, the Orange Cinnamon Car Diffuser Refills scent your interior for up to 4 weeks! Its scented intensity is just dosed for your olfactory comfort. Select your favorite perfume from all of our refills available, you will find your rare pearl.

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