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Unique Carpet Shampoo + Spot Remover

Unique Carpet Shampoo + Spot Remover


Unique Pet Care Carpet Dog Shampoo Concentrate, 32 fl. oz.


Restore your stained and dirty carpets with Unique Carpet Shampoo. Powered by the most advanced blend of bacteria and enzymes, Unique Carpet Shampoo works on your carpet's toughest stains and odors, breaking down and totally eliminating them, leaving no residue behind. Best of all, Unique Carpet Shampoo is 100% safe for you, your pets, and the environment, allowing you to rest easy knowing you're getting the most powerful carpet cleaner available while still protecting the ones you love.

  • - Advanced Blend Eliminates Stains And Odors Without Masking
  • - Works On New And Old Messes
  • - Advanced Formula Permanently Removes The Toughest Odors And Stains
  • - Works In All Carpet Cleaning Machines
  • - Leaves No Residue
  • - Fragrance Free
  • - Special Odor Counteractants Remove Odors Quickly
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