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Dare Grey-Rouge Ombré Fragrance Lamp Gift Set

Dare Grey-Rouge Ombré Fragrance Lamp Gift Set

SKU: 3127290047373

A design like no other! Industrial designer Anthony Gambus demonstrates his artistic flair in the Dare Grey-Rouge Ombré Lamp, a beautiful decorative sculpture that is also an air purifier and a scent diffuser.

An exuberant tangle of ribbons entwines around the pomegranate-shaped body, creating a sense of joyful disarray. This whimsical glasswork brings movement to the lamp and creates a captivating play of light.

The black to rouge-hued gradient provides a soft contrast to the engraved silvery round cap.

Brimming with creativity, this lamp sparks the imagination, dazzling with its unexpected pairings. Simply add your favorite Maison Berger Paris home fragrance to delicately scent your space. Go bold in your décor with a unique and captivating lamp.

Lamp sold in a gift set, which includes:
- The Dare Grey-Rouge Ombré Lamp
- A wick-burner
- A round silver diffuser cap
- A stopper cap
- A funnel Fragrance refills sold separately.


Benefits of choosing Maison Berger:
The Lampe Berger has a unique and patented diffusion system that enables it to act as a room deodorizer and help eradicate bacteria, while also diffusing your favorite fragrance. It even releases negative ions that have been found to boost immunity. A wonderful air purifier, the French way. 



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