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Stain-X Pro Hi-Foam Shampoo

Stain-X Pro Hi-Foam Shampoo


STAIN-X® Pro Hi Foam Carpet Shampoo is a highly concentrated synergistic blend of detergents and cleaners, which instantly emulsifies dirt and soils. STAIN-X® Pro Hi Foam Carpet Shampoo works in all rotary cleaning machines (Kirby®, Koblenz®, and Electrolux®) and provides a rich and thick foam that releases soil from carpet fibers and traps it for quick, easy removal. The unique low moisture formula is fast drying and insures against "over-wetting", allowing traffic back on to the carpet sooner, perfect for restaurants, hotels or anyplace wet carpet is a liability. Any residue left behind dries to a powder, which is simply vacuumed away.

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