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Our canister vacuum cleaners with filterbag combine exceptional cleaning performance with unique user convenience and first-class Miele quality. They also ensure outstanding hygiene: The filterbag can be replaced without releasing any dust and is therefore completely hygienic. On top of that, Miele C3 canisters are completely sealed and as long as you use genuine Miele bags and their SF-HA30 HEPA Filter you will have zero emissions from your machine. 

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Wanting a longer warranty than 1 or 3 years? Not a problem. Come in and check out our Miele HomeCare vacuums. These machines come with a 5 year warranty and extra tools for your convenience. 

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Sebo stands for technical innovations and intelligent detailed solutions. This is what makes Sebo one of the best vacuums today. As a German engineered machine, Sebo thought of everything for a better quality of life. For instance, Sebo is one of the few Vacuums that allow you to remove the roller brush at the push of a button. Even better, some of the models include an automatic hight adjustment for your own convenience. Best of all, all Sebo machines have a ten year warranty, when you buy them in store, which all warranties are handled in store too. 

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Interested in our other Sebo vacuums? Come into the store and check out our Onyx collection. Not only is it beneficial to try out your vacuum before you buy it, but when you buy any Sebo, in store, you will extend your warranty to 10 years! 

Only Authorized Dealers can offer SEBO's FREE Warranty Bonus, so it does not apply to vacuum cleaners purchased from "Third-party Websites," such as Amazon,, and Ebay, because they have many UNAUTHORIZED OR UNKNOWN SELLERS with no access to genuine SEBO parts, factory-trained technicians, and labor-cost reimbursement.

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