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Made in Saint James Missouri, the Riccar SupraLite are the perfect vacuums for those who are tired of lugging around heavy machines. Only weighing nine pounds without sacrificing durability these machines are able to handle the toughest jobs. Their extra large bags are able to hold around fifteen bagless containers, so you don't have to buy bags as often as you might think. These machines are only available in stores so come in and try one out! 

The SupraLite entry R10E is a great value built to last. It has a 35 foot cord allowing you to reach more rooms without unplugging. The R10E has a headlight so no dirt will hide in even the darkest rooms. Finally, with a metal handle, metal cord hook, and wooden roller brush, this machine is durable where it matters. But, if any of these items, and more, do break, they are covered by the one year warranty. 


The SupraLite Standard R10S has huge improvements over the R10E. Starting from top down, the handle is greatly improved to have a more comfortable grip. This model now has two adjustable speed for different styles of carpet. The outer bag is a more solid durable material and the inner bag is now cloth, which is ideal for those allergy sufferers. The roller brush is now metal for more durability and when the brushes are worn down, you only have to replace the brushes instead of the entire bar. Last but not least, you get a three year warranty that is covered in store. 


The Supralite Premium R10P has everything the R10S has and more. The cord is now forty feet instead of thirty five and a lifetime belt warranty. Still worried about belts breaking? Not to worry! This machine is able to sense when an object is preventing the brush from turning and will automatically cut off. Once the obstruction is moved just turn the machine back on and you are ready to go. With the purchase of the R10P you also get the Red Carpet Treatment. This means you receive two free services for your machine! Finally, with a five year warranty, your vacuum will continue give excellent performance for a long time. 


The Cordless SupraLite R10CV is perfect for those who are wanting an upright vacuum but are tired of cords. With a 44 volt lithium ion battery this vacuum can go sixty minutes without charging or cleaning power. This machine also has handy lights that tell you the level of battery power so you know when to charge your machine. Finally, this machine will automatically cut off simply by standing it upright. Making it convenient for you when an obstruction is in the way. 



The R25 Standard is a great affordable vacuum for those who are looking for something reliable. Able to be used on both bare floors and carpet, dirt will not escape this machine. With the full bag indicator you will know when to replace your bag and the bag self seals trapping that dirt inside. This machine uses a wooden roller brush, which is more durable than the plastic ones. A 35 foot cord allows this machine to go room to room without unplugging. On top of all of this, you get a one year warranty that is covered in store and a lifetime belt warranty with an automatic cut off. This means the roller brush will turn off for you until the obstruction is removed.  


The Riccar 25 series are the perfect vacuum for those who are looking for a more compact upright with hose attachments. The advanced HEPA media filtration is great for allergy seasons. The stretch hose and telescoping wand will reach up to fifteen feet. The comfort rubber handle feels great in your hands and with 360 degree turning eliminates awkward turning and pivoting. But this is a multipurpose machine, with the added feature of turning off the roller brush and an added squeegee will be able to eliminate dirt on your bare floors. 


The R25 Deluxe has everything the Standard has and more. The biggest differences with the Deluxe are all within the head of the machine. For starters, this machine uses a headlight allowing you to see in the darkest room or on the darkest carpets. The roller brush is now metal. This brush is more durable than the wooden roller brush and now you only have to replace the brush strips instead of the entire brush. This vacuum comes with a three year warranty that is covered in store. 


The R25 Premium is the vacuum to have if you are looking for a top rated Riccar vacuum. This vacuum is now equipped with a dirt light sensor that turns amber when dirt is passing through the machine. It now has a charcoal filter that eliminates pet odors and comes with an extra pet tool for your upholstery. Customers who purchase this vacuum receive what is called the Red Carpet Treatment. What this means is that you get two free scheduled services, in store! On top of all of this the machine also comes with a five year warranty. 


Sebo stands for technical innovations and intelligent detailed solutions. This is what makes Sebo one of the best vacuums today. As a German engineered machine, Sebo thought of everything for a better quality of life. For instance, Sebo is one of the few Vacuums that allow you to remove the roller brush at the push of a button. Even better, some of the models include an automatic hight adjustment for your own convenience. Best of all, all Sebo machines have a ten year warranty, when you buy them in store, which all warranties are handled in store too. 

Only Authorized Dealers can offer SEBO's FREE Warranty Bonus, so it does not apply to vacuum cleaners purchased from "Third-party Websites," such as Amazon,, and Ebay, because they have many UNAUTHORIZED OR UNKNOWN SELLERS with no access to genuine SEBO parts, factory-trained technicians, and labor-cost reimbursement. 


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