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Vacuum Repair and Servicing


Does your vacuum not work the way it used to, or not at all? At Saniway, our repair technicians are trained to repair all make and model vacuum cleaners. We offer free diagnosis, so you can decide if you want to invest in repairing your vacuum.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you service Dyson Vacuums?

Answer: Yes more than any other brand vacuum on the market.


Question: Will you let me know if it's worth repairing?

Answer: Yes we only fix what you approve us to fix. We'll let you know if it's not worth repairing.


Question: I'm driving from the other end of town, can you fix it while I wait?

Answer: probably not. Some things we can fix on the spot but most repairs take 30 minutes to an hour and there are usually 20 or more machines ahead of yours in line. 

Question: How does the repair process work?

Answer: When you bring the machine by we'll do an initial assessment and estimate. From there we'll gather your information and place the machine in the lineup. We work through the machines in the order they have been received. Once we get to your machine we'll fix the requested repair as long as the cost is under the initial estimate. If other repairs are needed we'll message or call you with what we found and a new estimate. If you would like your machine not to be repaired then there will be no charge to you for our diagnosis. 


Question: What work do you do when you clean and service a vacuum?

Answer: Think of it as a bath for your vacuum. We disassemble the machine and wash the interior, exterior, hoses, filters, and tools. Then we clean the motor commutator, oil the bearings, check the motor brush length, spray an odor neutralizer in the fan blades, and clean off any debris from the brushes. We then inspect the vacuum belt, brush roll length, light bulb, hose for air leaks, suction level, and overall function.  


Question: How much will it cost to fix my vacuum?

Answer: We will provide you with a free estimate once we have done an assessment of the machine. For a detailed breakdown of our labor rates please see below. 


Current Labor Rates: (prices do not reflect the cost of tax, parts or materials) 

All repairs are subject to a $3.75 Admin/Materials fee. This covers the overhead of printer paper, ink, wire caps, glue, tape, etc. 

 Clean and Service (It's like a spa treatment for your vacuum!)

Stick Vacuums               $69.50

Single motor machines $69.50

Two motor machines     $119.50

(Machines with a motorized nozzle, transmission, air turbine, clutch, or motorized height adjustment count as two motors.)


All machines purchased new from Saniway will receive 50% off the labor cost of a service or repair. 

Belt Change (Flat)                                $10.00

Belt Change (Cogged or Ribbed)      $20.50

Plug Replacement.                               $12.50

Belt Change Clutch                             $42.50

Battery Change                                    $23.50

General Repair

Minor          $32.50

Moderate   $59.50

Major          $69.50


Minor $15.50

Major $24.50

Rush Service add $20.00 

(If you would like us to expedite your repair please request a rush service.  This will move your vacuum to the front of the line. We will also expedite the shipping of any parts your machine needs.                                             

Repair All Brands

Free Estimates

No Appointment is needed just drop it off

2-3 Day average turnaround time

3-5 Days on machines requiring parts not kept in stock

7-10 Day turn around on warranties

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