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Set of 2 Aroma Happy Aquatic Freshness Refills

Set of 2 Aroma Happy Aquatic Freshness Refills

SKU: 3127291064195

A feeling of happiness and freedom invades you during your journeys, an Aquatic Freshness that recalls the good sea air of seaside destinations.


Enjoy the essential oil benefits of these Aroma Happy Car Diffuser Refills while in the car. 

The tangy green apple and the fruity aroma of the melon give a refreshing side to the fragrance. The subtle and exotic scent of monoi combines with the cheerfulness of lily of the valley notes. The velvety scents of peach mingle with a hint of vanilla and coconut. Then an amber and warm note complete the composition. Clove essential oil, with comforting Aromachology properties, helps you boost your mood. Ideal before starting your workday! Rediscover the scents of summer at any time. 

These Aroma Happy Car Diffuser Refills are composed of two refillable scented ceramics that adapt to all Maison Berger Paris car diffusers. This lasting diffusion of several weeks is possible thanks to this unique French know-how from Limoges. Other Aroma refills are available, find the olfactory atmosphere that suits you.

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